How to Take Your Fairy Party to the Next Level!

Want to make a fun fairy party for your little one but concerned about keeping everyone entertained? We gotchu! Here are 4 ways to make your next fairy party a magical experience for all!


Fairy Wing Craft

Fairy wings are an easy craft to add some sparkle to your party. Prepare them ahead of time, or allow the children to make their own as part of a special fairy activity!

To make the fairy wings, you will need a wire base. If you have any old costume wings you would like to makeover, you can use those! Tear out the fabric covering the wings until you are left with a wire base. Wrap this base with electrical tape to start with a clean base. Now, you can start wrapping either fake vines and leaves around it. You can use hot glue or copper wire to hold everything in place. Once you have the leaves of your choice on the wings, add some fake flowers for an extra touch of wonder! Fasten the flowers onto the wings using copper wire. For the final step, I like to add a dash of glitter because sparkle wings make a fairy party marvellous.

Fairy Snacks

Fairy themed snacks are ALWAYS a good idea! Fairy bread is a party staple and it is so easy to make. Simply butter a slice of bread and pour on some sprinkles and voila! Yummy fairy bread for everyone to enjoy.

A personal favourite party treat from when was younger were teacup biscuits. They are so easy to make and just wonderful for parties! All you need is Tick Tock Biscuits (or any round biscuit of your choice), marshmallows, chocolate freckles, life savers (usually musk stick flavoured but can be any flavour as long as they are round) and icing. To assemble the teacups, place a Tick Tock Biscuit face down and put a dollop of icing in the middle. Then, place a marshmallow on top. Then using the icing, place a chocolate freckle on top of the marshmallow. Finally, cut the lifesavers in half, put icing on one half and stick it to the side of the marshmallow and then you have adorable tiny teacups!

Fairy cupcakes are a great treat the kids will certainly enjoy you can create cupcakes and icing of any flavour and colour. Once the cupcakes are assembled you can put some sprinkles, edible glitter and toppings of your choice.






Fairy Games and Entertainment


Nothing makes a fairy party for memorable than a visit from a REAL fairy! You might even choose to pair your fairy entertainer with a pirate or mermaid for an extra wow factor.

Fairies love being invited to birthday parties! Join us on a magical journey through Fairyland where all your fairy dreams will come true. In fairyland, our fairy party entertainment promises lots of laughter, and dancing, which we want to share with the birthday child on their special day. After we leave, our fairy friends will continue to play at the bottom of your garden and come out to play when no one is around. Keep your eye out, and you just might catch them…




Face Painting 

Face painting is a fabulous idea for any party! Children will love choosing from all the different designs they can use to express themselves. Face painting can be booked on it’s own, in a bundle with balloon twisting, or as an add-on to your fairy party entertainment!




Have fun!