How to Take Your Fairy Party to the Next Level!

Garden Fairy

Want to make a fun fairy party for your little one but concerned about keeping everyone entertained? We gotchu! Here are 4 ways to make your next fairy party a magical experience for all!


Fairy Wing Craft

Fairy wings are an easy craft to add some sparkle to your party. Prepare them ahead of time, or allow the children to make their own as part of a special fairy activity!

To make the fairy wings, you will need a wire base. If you have any old costume wings you would like to makeover, you can use those! Tear out the fabric covering the wings until you are left with a wire base. Wrap this base with electrical tape to start with a clean base. Now, you can start wrapping either fake vines and leaves around it. You can use hot glue or copper wire to hold everything in place. Once you have the leaves of your choice on the wings, add some fake flowers for an extra touch of wonder! Fasten the flowers onto the wings using copper wire. For the final step, I like to add a dash of glitter because sparkle wings make a fairy party marvellous.

Fairy Snacks

Fairy themed snacks are ALWAYS a good idea! Fairy bread is a party staple and it is so easy to make. Simply butter a slice of bread and pour on some sprinkles and voila! Yummy fairy bread for everyone to enjoy.

A personal favourite party treat from when was younger were teacup biscuits. They are so easy to make and just wonderful for parties! All you need is Tick Tock Biscuits (or any round biscuit of your choice), marshmallows, chocolate freckles, life savers (usually musk stick flavoured but can be any flavour as long as they are round) and icing. To assemble the teacups, place a Tick Tock Biscuit face down and put a dollop of icing in the middle. Then, place a marshmallow on top. Then using the icing, place a chocolate freckle on top of the marshmallow. Finally, cut the lifesavers in half, put icing on one half and stick it to the side of the marshmallow and then you have adorable tiny teacups!

Fairy cupcakes are a great treat the kids will certainly enjoy you can create cupcakes and icing of any flavour and colour. Once the cupcakes are assembled you can put some sprinkles, edible glitter and toppings of your choice.






Fairy Games and Entertainment


Nothing makes a fairy party for memorable than a visit from a REAL fairy! You might even choose to pair your fairy entertainer with a pirate or mermaid for an extra wow factor.

Fairies love being invited to birthday parties! Join us on a magical journey through Fairyland where all your fairy dreams will come true. In fairyland, our fairy party entertainment promises lots of laughter, and dancing, which we want to share with the birthday child on their special day. After we leave, our fairy friends will continue to play at the bottom of your garden and come out to play when no one is around. Keep your eye out, and you just might catch them…




Face Painting 

Face painting is a fabulous idea for any party! Children will love choosing from all the different designs they can use to express themselves. Face painting can be booked on it’s own, in a bundle with balloon twisting, or as an add-on to your fairy party entertainment!




Have fun!

Once Upon a Frozen Photoshoot!

Once Upon a Frozen Photoshoot

In 2021, our ice queen Elsa was invited to attend a very special Frozen celebration!

Simone Withers is a parent, party planner, and event styling extraordinaire! Her business Once Upon offers high concept event planning with incredible attention to detail and complete ease for the client. We have been lucky enough to attend a few of Simone’s events, including this lavish Frozen themed extravaganza!

Make sure you check out more of Simone’s incredible work over on her socials tagged below! Find our more about our magical Ice Princess parties here!


Instagram: @onceuponbysw


Photo credit: Once Upon

Frozen Party Games (and jokes for a snowy day!)

Ice Princess Frozen Elsa

Q: What did Elsa say when she tripped and fell on the ice?
A: Nothing, she gave everyone the cold shoulder!

Frozen Elsa Anna Party Perth Parties Kids Remember

Frozen parties are a long-time favourite at Parties Kids Remember, ever since 2013 when the first Frozen movie came out! Since then, this party theme has been extremely popular, especially currently, due to the recent release of Frozen 2. With the brave Elsa, goofy Anna, cheeky Kristoff, and funny Olaf, it is no surprise that Frozen is a favourite of most children, boys and girls alike. If your little one is obsessed with Frozen, why not transport them to Arendelle for the icy party of a lifetime with the following fun Frozen games.

Q: What type of phone does Olaf have?
A: A snowmobile!

A fun and exciting Frozen game is the “Snowman Poop Relay”. This game brings out the competitive spirit in children 5+, and easy for parents to organise. The children are split evenly into two teams and line up at a starting point. “Snowman poop,” which are actually cotton wool balls, are scattered in the playing space. One child from each team goes into the space and tries to collect a piece of snowman poop with a spoon. Once they have it on the spoon, they need to run back and place it in their team’s bucket. Once they have placed it in the bucket, the next team member can go. The game ends when all the snowman poop is collected. The snowman poop is then counted, and the winning team is the team with the largest number of snowman poop collected. An alternative to this game, with the same equipment, is an egg and spoon relay, but with snowman poop instead of an egg.

Q: What is Elsa’s favourite type of party?
A: A snow-ball!

Frozen Elsa Anna Party Perth Parties Kids Remember

An old classic that works with the Frozen theme is musical statues. To suit this to a Frozen party, you may like to call it “Musical Freeze”. Children dance to music, but when the music stops, they must freeze as if Elsa has used her ice powers on them! If the children are older, you may like to eliminate the child that ‘freezes’ last, with the last child standing winning a prize. Otherwise, if the children are younger, give the best freezer a sticker in each round. To add another Frozen touch, play songs from the movies such as, “Let it Go”, “Love is an Open Door”, or “Into the Unknown”.

Q: Why is it dangerous for Olaf to be angry?
A: He might have a meltdown!

A final favourite Frozen party game is “Pin the carrot nose on Olaf”. A new spin on Pin the Tail on the Donkey, this game is not only fun, but inclusive, as it can be for any age groups, and no one is eliminated. All that’s needed is: A noseless Olaf picture printed out on A3 or A2 paper (a free printable can be found here), printed out carrots (one for each child – orange paper cut into triangles also works fine), blu tack for the carrots, and a blindfold. Stick the printed Olaf poster on a wall at child height. Line
the children up in front of the poster, spin them around three times when it’s their turn, and let them try their luck at getting their carrot as close to where Olaf’s should be as possible. The child who put it the closest gets a sticker or a prize.

Q: Knock knock
A: Who’s there?
Q: Yoo
A: Yoo who?
Q: Yoo hoo big summer blowout!

There you have it, some exciting Frozen games and funny Frozen jokes to make sure your child’s birthday is as cool as Elsa. To make the day even more special, why not book a Frozen entertainer for the big day? Entertainers take the stress out of the day, arriving with all the equipment needed to play the above games, and so many more! You can request Elsa, Anna, or even Kristoff, to make your child’s day! Find the Parties Kids Remember’s Ice Princess party page here!

How to Plan a Stress-Free Kids Party

Driveway Wishes

There’s nothing more fun than a kids party! For the kids, that is. But for the ones planning them, they can be a nightmare. It doesn’t have to be that way though! If you’re anything like me and thoughts of midnight baking, last-minute cleaning and balloon inflating keep you up at night, here are a few easy tips to help you plan a stress-free party – for you and your child.

Tip #1: Listen to Elsa.

You’ve probably seen Frozen more times than you can count, so now is the time to take Elsa’s advice for yourself: Let it Go! Planning a party can be even more stressful than a wedding, and you have to do it every year. Before you even start thinking about whether your two-year-old is too little for a bouncy castle, take a deep breath and remember that even Wonder Woman can’t do everything. And when in doubt, there’s always next year!

Frozen Elsa Anna Party Perth Parties Kids Remember

Tip #2: A happy bub is a happy mum.

While planning a party may seem like a huge task, you’re not alone! Letting your kid make party decisions with you (or for you!) can both ease the stress of decision-making, AND even prevent any party day tears. Just think, if it won’t make your kid happy, you don’t need it.

Tip #3: Choose a theme.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, picking a theme (and sticking to it) can ease a whole lot of stress when it comes to planning a party, especially if it’s straight forward. A dinosaur party could save you time when it comes to buying decorations (all green!), and a princess dress-up party will ease the burden of getting your child dressed on the big day. Check out our theme ideas here!

Tip #4: It’s for the kids!

We all know the stress of making your party kid-friendly AND parent-approved, but they don’t need to be two different things! Providing finger-food or a BBQ is an easy way to feed kids and parents together, and hosting your party outside means you can chat with parents and keep an eye on the kids at the same time. The pressure of a mess-free house is also one you don’t need amid party planning, so find a family friendly park for an easier venue option.

Tip #5: Don’t do work that can be done for you.

This one’s easy, and will save you lots of time. While it may cost you a little extra, ordering a cake and food for the day will be one less thing to worry about, and you’ll be glad for it. You can also buy balloons already inflated, party bags already filled, and pre-made craft packs to keep the kids busy on the day.

Tip #6: Sit back and relax.

For the ultimate stress-free party experience, organise entertainment for the kids. Your little one gets a special party experience, and you get to sit back, relax, and watch the magic unfold. Everyone wins!

Tip #7: Get in early.

I’ve saved the most important for last here! Whether it’s organising catering, decorations, or entertainment, no one wants to be stuck running around at the last minute. For our entertainment bookings, we recommend booking at least 2 weeks in advance, or 3-4 weeks for a super popular character (Elsa and Spider-Man, I’m looking at you!) to make sure you can secure your date, time and number of entertainers ahead of time, especially in the busy season!


No one wants to plan a tricky party, so I hope these tips help you plan the stress-free, easy-breezy party of your kid’s dreams!


Top 3 Socially Distant Party Ideas for Kids

Superhero Batman Party Perth Parties Kids Remember

In these strange and uncertain times, we all need a little bit of cheering up, and with WA slowly lifting its social restrictions there’s never been a better time to throw the best (smallest) party for your friends and family. I’ve written down a few of my favourite activities you could include. The Skype parties!
If you’ve decided to keep your distance from your nearest and dearest connecting through a skype party is a super easy way to feel the love wherever you are! It’s super easy to download on computer or phone, ever granddad will be able to figure it out! Check out this link for some Skype party game ideas.

Superhero Batman Party Perth Parties Kids Remember

If you’re wanting some real connections invite a few of your closest (and best at hand washing) friends around for a small party. Parties kids remember is offering a MINI PARTY package specifically designed for groups of 6-8 guests, with zero contact between all participants, it’s a great option when you want to celebrate with your besties. This link tells you everything you need to know about mini parties J

Frozen Elsa Anna Party Perth Parties Kids Remember

The Driveway wishes!
If you’re totally isolating but still want to make a day special this is the perfect way to do that. Your choice of character can deliver a birthday wish, or present, or whatever you like to that special person in your life. There’s 1.5 meters between everyone and no contact but everyone feels the love.

It’s especially important in these times to make sure we all feel connected and loved,
I hope these few ideas help inspire you.

Superhero Games to Play at Home!

If you are looking to host a superhero party for your child, or simply play some games with your superhero centric child, here are a few games that are quick and easy to set up/implement.

Memory Cards: Matching Game

First, you can always play memory cards with your child! To maximize your time and engross your child as much as possible with this game, you can test their knowledge on each superhero before you play the memory card game. There are two ways to do this:

  1. You can either show the child the card then ask them to tell you as much as possible about the hero (or villain), i.e. their powers, their enemies, their weaknesses
  2. You can describe the character yourself and see if your child can guess them

After you go through all the cards you can then place them all face down, mix them up, and each child takes a turn flipping over two and trying to make a match, so make sure you print two of each card!

Here’s a link to a bunch of pictures you can print for the two major superhero companies”

  • DC: e.g. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman here.

Here’s a more comprehensive list (with some better pictures).

  • MARVEL: e.g. Iron Man, Hulk and Spider-Man here.

Here’s a more comprehensive list.

Rocket Balloons

This game requires a pack of balloons (the longer the better). Different colours can represent different villains, e.g.

  • Green = Joker, Green Goblin, Mysterio
  • Blue = Darkseid, Venom
  • Purple = Thanos
  • Red = Red Skull, Magneto
  • Yellow = Loki

The game involves releasing the balloon and getting the children to catch the villain before it hits the ground. These balloons + a pump = most fun and efficient way of playing the game.

Spidey Says [no equipment required]

Just like Simon Says, except you ask the children to do superhero poses/moves, e.g.

  • Smash like Hulk
  • Run like The Flash
  • Drive the Batmobile like Batman
  • Fly like Superman
  • Shoot webs like Spiderman
  • Fire arrow like Green Arrow/Hawkeye
  • Stop bullets like wonder woman or spin your lasso like Wonder Woman
  • Throw shield like Captain America
  • Shoot laser beams like Iron Man

Obstacle Course

This game will get children very active! Create an obstacle course with each station designed to test a child’s super powers. E.g.:

  • Strength: Lift a heavy object or throw an object/ball as far as they can
  • Accuracy: Throw an object into a specific goal (i.e. a bin, basket, hula hoop)
  • Speed: Sack race or running in between cones
  • Jumping: Get them to jump over a limbo stick or over something relatively high but not high enough for the child to trip and get hurt
  • Flexibility: Go under a limbo stick



Star Wars Parties for Girls

In light of the recent International Womens’ Day that occurred on the 8th of March, I thought it fitting to recommend my favourite party theme for girls… Star Wars!

“What?!”, I hear a dozen tiara topped toddlers scream in the distance. Time and time again I am instructed by young girls that Star Wars themed toys, movies and birthday parties are “for gross boys”. But why is that? There are so many strong, intelligent and brave women to be found in this forty year old franchise. From as early as 1977, when the first Star Wars released, these movies have been promoting many core principles of what International Womens’ Day is trying to promote: gender equality in terms of respect, safety and opportunities.

Now, I may be a little bit bias as I am a huge Star Wars fan. But in reality, there is thematic and factual basis to my seemingly far fetched party recommendation. To emphasize my point, I am going to highlight the top three female characters in Star Wars who are amazing and powerful role models; whether it be in 1977 or 2017!





#3: Padme AmidalaStar Wars

Although on the outside she appears to be a meek and mild figure head, Padme was actually an active and vocal politician. Her power derives from her intelligence and aptitude as a diplomat, a politician as well as a Queen. Rather that relying on physical strength, she rescued her people as well as uniting planets in the Republic and advocating against violence and warfare. That doesn’t mean she didn’t know how to handle a blaster though, as she could protect herself precise aim and quick thinking. Padme encourages young girls to use their voices to stand up for the weak or marginalised and emphasizes the importance of intelligence and diplomacy as values- something that is crucial in the ongoing discourse about female rights at the moment.










#2: Star WarsRey

From the newer generation of movies, Rey is a resourceful and adaptable addition to the host of strong female characters Star Wars has created. A self sufficient scavenger, she has skills in mechanics and design shown by the multitude of inventions and tools she forged herself. Her talents don’t stop there; she is also a self taught pilot with impressive light saber skills! Her strength and resilience is shown when she is captured by the bad guys, she uses her creativity and her newfound powers of the Force to escape in the face of death. Being one of the protagonists in the new era of films, Rey has invigorated a new era of fandom in both male and female viewers. She is an excellent role model for girls the world over as she shows that she excels in things that are usually male dominated in our world, such as aviation and metal work, encouraging young women to pursue things that they may be intimidated to try. Rey is also an innovative, resilient and approachable person, things which we should promote in any young Star Wars fan, no matter what their gender.









#1: Princess Leia Organa

Star Wars

Coming in at the top position, we have probably the most well female character in the series, Princess Leia herself! Being introduced in a time where the feminist movement was still relatively new to Hollywood, Leia reinvented the role of the Princess being a damsel in distress to a  brave and decisive leader and soldier. She is the respected head of the Rebel Alliance, fighting against the oppressive and evil Empire, and is involved in either the strategy, espionage or execution of every great battle with Darth Vader and his cronies. Even in one of the newer movies The Force Awakens, Leia returns as a general and is treated with such respect and dignity. Princess Leia is a strong, resourceful and tough female authority figure in a world that is dominated by men, and that is why she has inspired so many girls when she graced screens in the 70s to her return 2017.


Star Wars birthday parties shouldn’t solely be promoted as boy parties. Many affluential female characters have been created from the franchise, and should be celebrated for the ideals and values they are promoting to boys and girls across the globe. So next time you’re in charge of planning the perfect party for the little princess in your life… perhaps consider a sci-fi spectacular! Parties Kids Remember has an amazing Space Adventure party, which is appropriate for any little Star Wars fan. Complete with light saber training, a intergalactic treasure hunt and options to include face painting or balloon twisting– it’ll make your day easy whilst making theirs one to remember.

– R
star wars mind bending


Superhero Party Ideas for Kids


Ahhh, superheroes! The heroic, lycra clad crime fighters that are idolized and adored the world over. So much so that their legacies and stories can be traced back to as early as 1917! It’s fair to say that many of the classic caped crusaders have dominated the mainstream media of modern times, starting with printed comic strips in the 1930s to the multi million dollar movie franchises we know and love today. With such following and renown, it’s no wonder that superheroes such as Superman, Batman and the Ninja Turtles are still major hits today and have transgressed generation upon generation.
It’s no wonder then that superhero parties are one of the most coveted themes amongst the cool kids on the block. But hosting a party in this day and age is not nearly easy as it was in the ‘30s, even though the superheroes are the same! With so many ready made costumes, accessories and services about, there is more and more pressure to make your kid’s party the one of the century… well until next year at least. A quick peruse of the internet provides no respite either. With so many websites offering thousands upon thousands of ideas, from the food to the cake to the decoSuperhero Sandwichesr; it’s hard to determine where to start!
To make things a little easier, I’ve compiled my four favourite DIY ideas from across the World Wide Web that will be sure to give your party that extra ‘POW’ or ‘KABLAM’. Not to mention they’re great activities to get them involved which will definitely make it a party to remember.








1. One thing you won’t want to deal with on the day are hangry little superheroes. Although brightly coloured lollies and cordial lend themselves well to such a colourful and exciting theme, it’s also nice to have more substantial offers on the table. Melanie has the right idea over at It Happens in a Blink with her Captain America inspired sandwiches! You can use whatever healthy fillings you want and create these bad boys with simply a star shaped cookie cutter, the effect is amazing!











2. Retro superhero comics areSuperhero bunting all about strong primary colours, which is convenient because they work great as a colour scheme for decorations! A bright red or yellow table cloth is an easy way to decorate the table, with maybe bright blue plates or napkins to compliment this. A really awesome way of jazzing up any area and really driving home the superhero theme is homemade comic book buntings! Jennifer over at Blissful Nest has a comprehensive tutorial on how you can easily make these awesome decorations!







Suphero cake


3. What’s a birthday party without a cake?! Baking is a great way to interact with your child and a great educational opportunity for them. Betty Crocker (the culinary goddess that she is) has come to the rescue again with a fantastic yet simple recipe for a super cake! The kids will have a blast customising their cake with decorations
and turning themselves into an edible superhero!







4. The last thing yoSuperhero u’ll want to make sure you cover for a super hero party are the games! Now, entertaining a group of sugar hyped kids for a few hours is no mean feat. Let them have a chance to run off some of the energy with a twist on the beloved Scarecrow game. Many children are familiar with the rules from physical education at school. If you are tagged by the person who is ‘it’ you have to freeze until someone crawls between your legs. To give it a more sinister spin- explain that the ‘it’ person is a villain with an evil power. Perhaps that they turn superheroes into toilets, or something equally crazy! Then the other children must ‘free’ them by sitting on them and flushing the toilet. It’ll have both parents and kids giggling and having a great time. This and other sensational games are provided by Parties Kids remember, who have professional and energetic hosts who will keep your kids entertained for hours! All are cleared with up to date Working With Children Checks and have extensive training. Check them out!









I believe it’s important to include your child in planning and creating their vision for their party; it’s fun, educational and gives them a great sense of accomplishment and pride. With these simple ideas, you’ll be sure to have an easy, affordable and SUPER party!

Have a magical day!

– R



Post your party ideas below! [icon color=”#444444″ size=”16px” target=”_blank” name=”awesome-hand-down”]