Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens if there is inclement weather or there is an illness and I need to re-schedule my entertainment?

Once your entertainment has been confirmed and your confirmation e-mailed or posted, entertainment may only be postponed. We will gladly work with you to find an alternative party date for your consideration, based on availability.

If an event is rescheduled more than 2 weeks prior to the event date, no fee is incurred.
If an event is rescheduled within 2 weeks of the event date, a $65 reschedule fee is applied.
If an event is rescheduled within 1 week of the event date, 20% of your total is due.

  1. What happens if I have to cancel my entertainment?

If an event is cancelled more than 2 weeks of the event date, a fee of $65 per entertainer per event is applicable.
If an event is cancelled within 2 weeks of the event date, 50% of the total is due.
If an event is cancelled within 5 days of the event, 80% of the total is due.
If an event is cancelled within 24hrs of the event, 100% of the total is due.

  1. When do you need the final RSVP count?

Please contact our office once you have determined how many children will be attending the party.  If we have not heard from you, you will be contacted 3 days prior to your party to review the RSVP’s that have been received, and to determine the exact headcount for your event. This will be the number we use to plan appropriate quantities of favours and activities

  1. Can siblings of the guest’s stay?

They may, as long as siblings are supervised. We provide many accessories that contain small parts at many of our parties and they may not be appropriate for small children.  Please remember that our party package, including the Party presenter, covers the birthday child and their guests. We may not be able to accommodate unexpected guests or siblings of guests, as we prepare our parties based on the final headcount given to us prior to the party.

  1. What happens if guests arrive late?

Because our parties are based on a schedule, they work best when all guest arrive at the scheduled party start time. Those guests coming late may join the party at whatever point it has progressed to.

  1. Do adults stay during the party?

Parents and other adults are always welcome to stay and enjoy the fantasy. Because we strive to make the birthday child and their guests the centre of attention, we kindly request your assistance in keeping the noise level down so the children are not distracted, and are able to hear the Party presenter to follow directions.

  1. Who takes care of a guest if they become ill, are a behaviour problem, or do not want to participate?

They will need to be attended to you or by a helper. Our party activities and presenter are structured however to handle and minimize such instances.

  1. If the weather is nice, can I have my party outdoors?

Yes, but the party must take place on a non-dirt area that is in the shade.  Some great places for outdoors are garages, patios and decks.

Some things to consider about having your party outside:

–          Have a back-up plan and space indoors in the event of bad weather or a very hot/cold day.

–          Please provide sun cream and water for refreshments. We are not responsible for application and making sure children do not get sunburned.

  1. Your obligation

A) Provide a safe and clean area for dress up and fun activities

B) Remain with the party

C) Provide a gathering place for parents of the guests who wish to stay

D) All prizes and materials are in compliance with Australian Standards, suitability for particular areas or children must be determined by the parent, organiser or caregiver. If you wish to check any ingredients or S&D sheets please request prior to your event.

E) Craft materials, pamper ingredients and toy play  are fun but sometimes messy.  Event organiser or caregiver must decide if the activity or materials are suitable for their guests/ space.

Parties Kids Remember’s ADDITIONAL POLICIES

Parties Kids Remember and its employees assume no responsibility or liability for accidents and damages. Your party presenter will provide you with the most professional of services and will work with you to ensure your home is treated like a “palace”. In the event of damage or loss , the financial responsibility lies entirely on the client. Parties Kids Remember or its employees are not responsible for allergic reactions or any other medical reaction stemming from the wearing of costumes, or any activity taken place before, during and/or after the party. In the case of liability and/or financial remuneration due to the aforementioned, the responsibility lies strictly with the client.