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Bubble Fun


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Face painting and balloon twisting can be added to any theme party but not required to be added for face painting or balloon twisting themed events. Please allow 5 minutes for face painting and 3 minutes for balloon twisting and glitter tattoo per child per entertainer. If you have a large group you may wish to add additional time to ensure your guests have sufficient time for the themed games and activities. Read more


(Please allow 5min per child)

Balloon Twisting

(Please allow 3 minutes per child)

Glitter Tattoos

(Cost is per party)

Snow / Bubbles / UV Light

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(Cost is per child)

Pay a deposit of $100.00

Join our exciting host for some Bubble Fun! Children participate in free play with our bubble mixture and giant wands, as well as engage in our Bubble Fun games and activities.

Children can try our bubble blowing competition by blowing bubbles and trying to catch them…without bursting the bubble! Attempt to dodge our bubbles whilst surrounded in our bubble ring, race to blow more bubbles than are popped in our popping competition, or try keep those bubbles in the air during our bubble float contest!

Great photo opportunities for parents to capture the giggling moments when children are surrounded by clouds of bubbles!  Your party entertainer will come in full costume as a character of your choice!

We are able to customise our entertainment to suit your group and event.