Frozen Ice Princess


Frozen Ice Princess


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Join our fearless Frozen Princess characters on an epic journey to free the kingdom from eternal winter.
Elsa discovers she can learn to control her powers with love.

Join our sing -a-long songs where our characters join the children in singing and dancing to their favourite Frozen songs.

We play lots of fun games along the way including our dancing games, Sven’s reindeer carrot catch, the hilarious snowball challenge, our icicle spoon relay and many more.  Frozen Fever songs and games just added!

We  customise our entertainment to suit your event.

Anna and Elsa are sisters and best friends; they share games and joys; however Elsa has magical powers since birth and she don’t know control the powers, their parents decide they should separate and isolate Elsa. These powers have caused accidents. Elsa must live isolated and contain ing their powers for fear of hurting someone. However one day, the parents of the two girls, die at sea during a storm, so they should take charge of the kingdom of Arendelle.

Over time, Elsa meets adulthood, and is about to take the throne, but her sister Anna asks her to leave marry Hans, a prince who has just met; Elsa refuses to grant her blessing and forbids their sudden marriage. The sisters argue and that brings a strong confrontation between them. Elsa cannot continue hiding their magical powers and ends up fleeing from that place.

Frozen princess At that time, her sister knows the secret; the secret that they had separated and she attempts to find her sister again; but Elsa did not want to hurt her sister and lives away, accompanied by her friend Olaf, a snowman emerged from their magical powers and companion in bad times.Will they be happy again? Find out in this adventure frozen.