Neverland Adventure

Neverland Adventure

What is Neverland Adventure?

To go on our Neverland Adventure you must fly straight towards the second star to the right and straight on till morning. In order to fly, you must think only of the happiest things! So bring your faith and your trust, and we will bring the pixie dust! So join Pirate Sam and Tinkerbell to get to Neverland and explore Treasure Island.

What Neverland Adventure Games are Played?

We play Pirate Sam Says, sprinkle some Tinkerbell magic with her special fairy dust recipe, Pass the Hook, Steal Capt’n Hooks Keys, solve cheeky Peter Pan’s Treasure Hunt clues, brave Tic-Tock’s Crocodile Creek Ooze, Musical Bobs, enter the Indian camp and play POW, POW, WOW and loads more fun…

Great for the Kindy and Pre-Primary birthday parties!

What Age Group Does This Party Suit?

We are able to customise our entertainment to suit your group and event.

What’s included?

Treasure Island games and activities, customised to suit the age group and preferences of the participating children, as well as the space available.
Pirate and Fairy e-vites included.
Prizes included for all games. Children who win a prize have the opportunity to select their own prize.
Sound system with Peter Pan music


Duration – 1 hour and 20 minutes

1 entertainer from $255 (recommended for up to 12 children)

2 entertainers from $335 (recommended for up to 25 children)

Additional host/s required for larger groups – enquire now

If you’re looking for party ideas, stressed about social distancing or just looking for tips, check out our blog, or for magical decoration ideas head over to our Pinterest.

Neverland Adventure

Highly entertaining, engaging and patient!

Pirate Josh and Tinkerbell were such a wonderful inclusion at our sons pirate party last Sunday.  They were highly entertaining, engaging and patient! I haven't hesitated to highly recommend them to our friends and family! Thankyou!!