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What is a Mineblocks Adventure Party?

Our Mineblocks Adventure party will take your guests on a journey to enter the world of Minecraft, a treasure hunt to craft a diamond sword, fight the ender dragon, and even find time for a game of diamond sword limbo with this exciting party theme!

What Mineblocks Games are Played?

We run a treasure hunt to collect the minecraft elements ( rock, ore, lava, water) and an obstacle course with relay races, dodgeball games and slime activities. We also have an indoor format option, so we are able to customise our mineblocks games to suit any group or venue.

What Age Does This Party Suit?

We are able to customise our entertainment to suit your group and event.

What’s included?

Themed games and activities, customised to suit the age group and preferences of the participating children, as well as the space available.
Generic invitations included.
Prizes included for all games. Children who win a prize have the opportunity to select their own prize.
Sound system with Minecraft soundtrack


Duration – 1 hour and 20 minutes

1 entertainer from $255 (recommended for up to 12 children)

2 entertainers from $335 (recommended for up to 25 children)

Additional host/s required for larger groups – enquire now

If you’re looking for party ideas, stressed about social distancing or just looking for tips, check out our blog, or for Mineblocks decoration ideas head over to our Pinterest.

Mineblocks Party Entertainment

Alexander's Minecraft Party

Thank you for making Alexander's Minecraft Party so enjoyable. The children enjoyed the slimeballs and other various activities. Entertainers were both engaging and fun. Professional and arrived on time and had all the equipment they needed. The party was awesome and many parents were glad their children were having so much fun. Thanks again on a great party!
Donna Johnston