TikTok Dance Party

What is a TikTok Dance Party?

Are you obsessed with the TikTok app? Us too!

TikTok is the new vine, which was the new snapchat. It is an awesome way to join in the fun of viral trends, learn life hacks, and to just be silly! Parties Kids Remember have crafted the best TikTok party that kids and parents alike will love! Our party entertainers will not only guide you through how to use the app safely, they’ll also make sure to get your creativity flowing and body moving as you lip sync, floss, and turn it out!

What are the TikTok Dance Party activities?

Our TikTok Dance Party hosts will guide you through learning the latest dance crazes, and give you an opportunity to choreograph your own! Express your creativity and get moving. Or choose a classic TikTok craft and learn how to make something completely personalized to keep along with your memories!

What Age Does This Party Suit?

We are able to adapt our TikTok Dance Party entertainment to suit children from 6 to pre-teens!

What’s included?

TikTok games and activities, customised to suit the age group and preferences of the participating children, as well as the space available. 

Prizes included for all games. Children who win a prize have the opportunity to select their own prize.

Sound system with viral TikTok tracks (clean).


Duration – 1 hour and 20 minutes

1 entertainer from $255 (recommended for up to 12 children)

2 entertainers from $335 (recommended for up to 25 children)


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A fantastic experience!

A fantastic experience! Performers worked and entertained the children with elegance, excitement and joy. Perfection!
Marie Nirme