Fear Factor

Fear Factor

What is Fear Factor?

Are you strong and brave enough to face the Table of Fear???? Our Fear Factor parties test even the bravest of kids! Themed games and team challenges will keep your guests entertained and on their toes for the entire event!

What Games are Played?

Upon arrival guests are split into teams and compete for Fear Factor points in awesome cringe-worthy and hilarious challenges.
Some of our testing challenges include Baby Poo Nappy Challenge, One Legged Dog (test your stamina), Slime challenge…and so many more. We love to work with live crickets and worms too if you think your guests can face the FEAR FACTOR!

What Age Does This Party Suit?

We are able to customise our entertainment to suit your group and event.

What’s included?

Table of Fear, customised to suit the age group and preferences of the participating children, as well as the space available.
Fear Factor invitations included.
Prizes included for all games. Children who win a prize have the opportunity to select their own prize.


Duration – 1 hour and 20 minutes

1 entertainer from $255 (recommended for up to 12 children)

2 entertainers from $335 (recommended for up to 25 children)

Additional host/s required for larger groups – enquire now

*Travel fees may apply

If you’re looking for party ideas, stressed about social distancing or just looking for tips, check out our blog, or for party decoration ideas head over to our Pinterest.

Fear Factor

My son Jed had the fear factor party for his 11th birthday. It was brilliant, all the kids had a ball and some of the ideas used were really original. The hosts took control of 20 children and for 2 hours they were entertained. We then did the food and cake and it was done. First day back at school today and they were all raving about it. This is the third year we have used Parties Kids remember, the first was a Star Wars party then Party Games Galore and now the Fear Factor. Ive not doubt we will be doing it all again next year. My son was so excited and happy. – Jodie

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