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Fear Factor

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Fear Factor
fear factor games
Fear Factor


Big High Five!

Hey Guys, Huge thank you for your efforts this weekend with Sian's 11th birthday. The feedback was amazing. The kids had so much fun. Sian loved the girls and enjoyed her party a lot. Big high five to you all. I have mentioned to the girls that Sian started her own kids organisation advocating and running a bully prevention program. I would be happy to share your log and a link to your website on our website. You can check out what she does on
Azelene Williams

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Fear Factor

Are you strong and brave enough to face the Table of Fear????

Upon arrival guests are split into teams and compete for Fear Factor points in awesome cringe-worthy and hilarious challenges.
Some of our testing challenges include Baby Poo Nappy Challenge, One Legged Dog (test your stamina), Doggie Treats (which team is the fastest at transferring our doggie treats from bowl to bowl), Eating Dead Fish & Seaweed, Slime challenge…and so many more. We love to work with live crickets and worms too if you think your guests can face the FEAR FACTOR!

We are able to customise our entertainment to suit your group and event.

What’s included?

Table of Fear, customised to suit the age group and preferences of the participating children, as well as the space available.
Fear Factor invitations included.
Prizes included for all games. Children who win a prize have the opportunity to select their own prize.

Duration – 1 hour and 20 minutes

Additional host/s required for larger groups- enquire now

*travel fee may apply

From: $245.00

Let's check availability for your date.