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Welcome to Parties Kids Remember

My passion since starting Parties Kids Remember in 2001 has been my four children, and my love for children of all ages!  I just love seeing them smile and laugh.  I love seeing their eyes light up with happiness when they see their favourite characters and I love hearing their stories and fantasies when their imaginations run wild with excitement! I want all children to have magical memories, especially on their own special day… their birthday!  Children have such amazing imaginations and our creative story lines engage the children so they are the stars and they are living their own fantasy!

I am a primary school teacher with a background in theatre and dance performance and designing new and unique games, activities and themes is so much fun!  We would love to share our expertise in children’s entertainment with you! We bring the magic and smiles to children of all ages. Let’s give YOUR child a party to remember!

Elisabeth Flores

As Dr Seuss says…

You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory



Children's Entertainer

Sally is a bright and enthusiastic performer who loves seeing people smile! She has recently attained her Cert IV in musical theatre at WAAPA and is a fabulous vocalist, performer and a highly requested entertainer. Making every child feel special is her favourite thing about being a party host. 


Children's Entertainer

Roger is an enthusiastic, and versatile entertainer who can sing, act and DJ! This ex-drama captain loves performing for kids and brings with him lots of imagination and energy to every party.

Amber A

Children's Entertainer

Amber is a talented dancer and performer who loves to immerse herself in all art forms! She has a kind and gentle demeanor and a love for dress-ups and playfulness, which makes her a great children’s entertainer!  


Entertainer & Office Manager

Shannon is a versatile performer who loves to act, sing and dance. She has a degree in Theatre and Drama and frequently performs around Perth for various theatre companies. Shannon loves to bring magic to life and thrives off the vivid imagination of children!


Children's Entertainer

Tessa is a young and enthusiastic individual with a passion for drama! She loves being able to dress up and entertain children at birthday parties and takes great pride in her work!


Children's Entertainer

Olivia is a passionate theatre student who loves everything about the Performing Arts! She enjoys singing, dancing, entertaining and loves putting a smile on people’s faces! Her love for acting and performing helps to bring characters to life.


Children's Entertainer

Hamza is an enthusiastic, funny and friendly member of the team. He is currently studying a bachelor of education and science with aspirations of becoming a high school science teacher! Hamza loves to entertain children and never fails to leave children with long lasting memories that will stay with them for a lifetime!


Children's Entertainer

Caleb is a 3rd year nursing student and all round top bloke, who is the ultimate Star Wars fan! He absolutely loves making kids laugh with his loud and funny character voices, and is full of random, interesting facts.


Children's Entertainer

Quin is a psychology student, qualified early childhood educator and teaches singing and dancing classes in her spare time! She loves listening to the children’s stories and bringing the fun on their special day! 


Children's Entertainer

Lisa is a final year film student who loves working with children, especially playing games  and making them laugh. She will never turn down a chance to dance her heart out and make magic come to life!


Children's Entertainer

Ellie is a bubbly and enthusiastic entertainer who loves to create laughter, smiles and  fun memories at all special events. She is currently studying Speech Pathology and enjoys working with children, particularly when it includes bringing beloved children’s characters to life!


Children's Entertainer

Ben is a cheerful and bright performer who graduated WAAPA with honours in classical percussion, and has been honing his singing and dancing skills in musical theatre for the past few years. He loves to create new and exciting characters, and believes that in life, just like in Zootopia, anyone can be anything!


Children's Entertainer

Hannah is a joyful, passionate and friendly performer who adores letting children experience the true magic of each character! Hannah is currently studying to become a Drama and English teacher. She enjoys singing, dancing and acting, spreading enthusiasm and smiles along the way!


Children's Entertainer

‘Imogen adores working with children and is passionate about singing, acting and entertaining! It is her absolute dream come true to work with kids and to make them feel extra special on their extra special day!


Children's Entertainer

Li’at is a 21 year old singer songwriter and student at WAAPA. She loves performing for, and working with children, especially seeing how their faces light up with joy and wonder!


Children's Entertainer

Kristina is at WAAPA studying classical singing. An experienced actor and dancer with a passion for entertaining audiences young and old, Kristina loves children and nothing makes her happier than watching their faces light up when they see their favourite fairy-tale character suddenly appear at their party.


Children's Entertainer

Grace is a enthusiastic, fun and passionate entertainer who loves to dress up to have fun with the birthday child and their friends. Grace is studying Primary Education and a background in dance and acting. Grace always has a smile on her face and always ready for a great time!



Elena loves to sing and studies classical voice at WAAPA. Her favourite part of being a children’s entertainer is seeing their smiles when their favourite character walks in the door!


Children's Entertainer

Lanah has been working with children from the age of sixteen and is currently completing her Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education. Lanah loves being a children’s entertainer and bringing magic to life. Her treasured aspect of being a children’s party host, is seeing a child smile or hearing a child laugh and knowing she played a role in their joyousness.


Children's Entertainer

Rosie is an excitable, energetic and enthusiastic performer who has been partying us for nearly four years! Coming from a background in drama, her wicked sense of humour and passion for entertainment will be sure to bring a smile to anyone’s dial.

Amber S

Children's Entertainer

Amber is currently studying musical theatre in her last year of high school, with a passion for singing, acting and dancing she loves to take on the role of many different enchanting characters. She loves to bring a smile to children’s faces, and cherishes all the magical moments she shares with them on their special day!


Children's Entertainer

Stephanie is a second year stage management student at WAAPA.  She is passionate, enthusiastic, loves to laugh and to make people smile. Her favourite thing to do is to sing along to all of the Disney classics.


Children's Entertainer

Abbey is a passionate performer who studies classical voice at WAAPA. She loves making children feel special and bringing all of their favourite characters to life!


Children's Entertainer

Lachie is passinate about music and performing, specially singing. He is currently attaining Cert IV in Musical Theatre at WAAPA and plans to continue reaching for his dreams. Not only can he sing, but Lachie can also play guitar and piano! Lachie enjoys being able to turn his love for performance into something very special and precious for both children and parents alike. 


Office & Packing Manager

Kelly is a Mother of three who has a background in office management and administration.  She prides herself on great customer service and loves helping create a special event for your children.  She also packs for all events making sure they are perfectly organised and ready to go each week!